The Bark Side is located in Okotoks, Alberta. We train with positive methods and participate in a variety of dogs sports. We are proud to have a variety of breeds, each bringing their own personalities and talents. 

Our dogs are family.


Main trainers

Romy Dupal-Demers 

Romy started training dogs at the age of 13 with her first dog, a Shetland Sheepdog named Flora. At 16 she performed in her first performance shows, competed in agility, flyball, dock diving, obedience and freestyle.

In 2016, she has represented Canada at the European Open and the Agility Championship of  the Americas and Caribbean with her Bearded Collie, Sprite and Chinese Crested, Tinsel. 

In 2022, she was part of Agility Team Canada and competed at the European Open in Belgium and at the Agility World Championship in Austria. 


Alex McNeil

Alex started training dogs at the age of 14 with his first dog, a Cocker Spaniel mix named Bear. He then traveled all across North America, performing with different canine performance shows.

Alex is training his dog, a German Shepherd named BLEVE for human remains detection. They are certified in open water and land searching with the International Police Work Dog Association. 

He is also training dogs, cats and other animals for the film industry in Canada.